Tuesday, January 27, 2009

Sisters and mother, let's give it another try! My MHC pals have resurrected our group blog, so I think it's time we breathe some life back into this one. What do you say?

Friday, December 14, 2007

send snow!

Oh, I miss you guys so much! But know what else I miss? Winter!!! Now it's cold here, but still not much snow. And you're about to get a whole boatload more!

No fair.

Tuesday, October 30, 2007

Conni got her wish!

Red Sox everywhere... there you go, Con-stance No-Pants!

I'm so excited about coming home and seeing everyone! I have a lot to do at work to get ready for this big vacation, so I really shouldn't be up so late messing around. But I wanted to drop a line and say hello to my lovely family... Hello!!!

I'll be there in less than 3 weeks - yowsa! Does anyone need/want anything from Alaska? Also... I'm wonderinf if we could do the gift swap name drwaing a little early this year? If we can get ourselves in gear up here, we'll have our shopping for Maine all done to I can bring it with me on the plane. I don't have long, though!

Love you all!!!

Wednesday, October 24, 2007

Go Bosox

So...once the Sox have won the Series and I'm all out of games to watch...when will I blog? Oh yeah I'll be sunk so far into my lack of daylight/baseball depression by then that it won't even occur to me to log on and blog!

Guess I'd better log off and watch the game...I'm so tired from getting up at 4:30 a.m. that I'm going cross-eyed looking back and forth from the t.v. /laptop.

Tuesday, October 23, 2007

Happy Birthday To You,

Happy Birthday Dear Lynn, Happy Birthday To You!!!

Flashes of a green fluffy tutu come to mind...Her being the target of Jackie the cat, and hmmm, the turtle we found at camp. Cute as a button with a little voice and lots to say. My little sister. Love you Lynn
The Eldest Sister Susan

Thursday, October 11, 2007

Eccentric vs. One Step Closer to Crazy Old Lady??

I've started cutting the tops off my socks...You know, the knee socks that no longer fit up to your knees, or the cute socks with tight bands around the top?? Well, a few weeks ago when I couldn't part with a beloved pair that were consticting my calves I simply cut the tops off-voila'-comfy socks. Today I did it again with a pair off knee socks...My question to Jeanne was-is this one step from cutting the toes off of shoes, or wearing stockings rolled around my ankles??Honestly-at this time of my life I celebrate my internal freedom to do what works for me, what is comfortable. What do you think-Jeanne only laughed and shook her head-of course she's taken to wearing overalls everywhere-Dickie and Carheart are her fav brands (but I have all those cruise pictures for her all dolled up!).
Off to the garden where the zucchini still grows in mid October-talk about crazy!!
yer lovin' Mom

Wednesday, October 10, 2007

Wreathing, Part 2

I've discovered a whole new world of wreathing which has transformed the front porch into a jungle of hanging flowers, weeds, piles of sea lavender, rose hips, cat tails, ribbons....rings, grape vines-you get the picture. I started fooling ariound a couple of weeks ago and actually sold some at a local craft fair. Yesterday I got a book from the library with tons of ideas so I'm going to do some more gift making tomorrow.

On the gift front, I've finished a slew of scaves and shawls..I'm playing around with combining fabin, ribbon and yarn with some interesting results. I'm going to sew together strips of denim from old jeans and knit it on giant needles to make a rug-it's just an idea, though it seems it should work.

Creative, eh? I'm having a ball!

Oh, we put a hammock up in the back yard, laid a new front walk and expanded the flower and vegtable gardens-not quite the grand landscaping as at Conni's, but it looks pretty good.

As is here-she questioned the shiny round things on the shelf behind me-they are the Brown Bear scat we brought back-now urethaned!!

Enough for now....Mom